Coin Set for Children 2009

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Coin Set for Children 2009

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The coin set for children 2009.

Coin Set for Children
The coin set unfolds like a picture book, from the stag on the front cover to the medal's happy little beetle with antlers and a crown. The motifs are inspired by animals of the forest and drawn in an imaginative style by the illustrator Cato Thau-Jensen.

A new medal
On the inside of the coin set, there is space for such information as a child's name, date of birth and christening date.

Besides the new medal made of Nordic Gold, the coin set comprises Denmark's coin series, i.e. 50-øre coin and 1-, 2-, 5-, 10- and 20-krone coins minted in 2009. This year's coin set for children is issued in a maximum edition of 1,000.

The coin set is on sale from 19 January 2009
The recommended retail price is kr. 225.00. The coin set can be purchased from banks, coin dealers, from Danmarks Nationalbank and the Royal Mint´s website.
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