Issue plan 2010

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Issue plan 2010

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List of Commemorative Coins of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus Planned for the Issue in 2010

Belarus and the World Community

Coins The Battle of Grunwald. The 600th Anniversary
Coins of Operation Bagration Series
- The 1st Belarusian Front. Rakasousky K.K.
- The 2nd Belarusian Front. Zakharau G.F.
- The 3rd Belarusian Front. Charnyakhousky I.D.
- The 1st Baltic Front. Bagramyan I.H.
Coins The 65th Anniversary of the Soviet People's Victory in the Great Patriotic War
Coins of Belarus' Faiths Series
- Judaism. Valozhyn Yeshiva
Coins of Slavs' Family Traditions Series
- Adulthood
Coin I. Khrutsky
EurAsEC. The 10th Anniversary*
EurAsEC Nations' Customs and Rites*
Coin of Fairy Tales of the Peoples of the World Series
Coins of Sailing Ships Series
Coin My Heart
Coins of Orthodox Wonder–working Icons Series
Coins of the World of Sculpture Series
Coins of Orthodox Churches Series
Coin Slavic Woman
Coin EXPO–2010.

Belarusian History and Culture

Coins of Belarusian Folk Legends Series
- The Legend of the Tortoise
Coins of Belarusian Folk Trades and Crafts Series
- Smithery
Coins of Strengthening and Defending the State Series
- Lew Sapieha

Protection of environment

Coins of Bird of the Year Series
- Kestrel
Coins of Belarusian Natural Protected Areas Series
- The Middle Reaches of the Prypyat River


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