5 Euro "Honig" 2017

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5 Euro "Honig" 2017

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News from Latvijas Banka

New articles from category 'Coins - Highlights - Coins - Highlights':

Design concept "Honey" by Artūrs Analts recognised as the winner of competition for the design of innovative collector coin

The design concept "Honey" by industrial designer Artūrs Analts has been awarded the first prize in the competition for the design of an innovative euro collector coin announced by Latvijas Banka. Latvijas Banka will consult with the winner of the competition and the mints on how to incorporate this idea into a coin by using the materials as intended by the author.

Overall, 42 works were submitted for the open competition to be evaluated by the Coin Design Commission of Latvijas Banka (information on the design proposals is available in the presentation uploaded on Latvijas Banka's SlideShare account). The design concepts by Artūrs Analts (with the motto "Walter Zapp" and "Daugava") were among the prize-winning works also in the previous competition for the design of an innovative coin organised in 2015 (the design concept "Z134M" developed by architect Mārcis Kalniņš and awarded the first prize in this competition was reborn into the coin "The Earth" at the the end of 2016).

At this year's competition, the design concept "H2OABC" by Mārcis Kalniņš was awarded the second place, while the design idea "Gold Values" by artist Artūrs Šēnfelds won the third place.
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