10 Lei "George Emil Palade’s birth" 2012 PP

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10 Lei "George Emil Palade’s birth" 2012 PP

Beitrag von Kai » 16. November 2012 09:36

BNR hat geschrieben:Numismatic issue

Pursuant to the provisions of Law No. 312/2004 on the Statute of the National Bank of Romania, on 19 November 2012, the National Bank of Romania will put into circulation a collector silver coin dedicated to the anniversary of 100 years since George Emil Palade’s birth.

The coin has the following characteristics:

Face value: lei 10
Metal: silver
Fineness: 999‰
Shape: round
Diameter: 37 mm
Weight: 31.103 g
Quality: proof
Edge: milled

Obverse: the image of Colțea Hospital’s building, where George Emil Palade worked as an intern, as well as a composition suggesting the researcher’s scientific activity; the year of issue “2012”, Romania’s coat of arms, the inscription “Romania” and the face value “10 lei”.

Reverse: in front, the portrait of scientist George Emil Palade and on the background a composition symbolising cell biology; on the outer ring, the inscription “George Emil Palade” and his birth and death years “1912 2008” in an arc.

The silver coins are housed in transparent plastic capsules and are accompanied by leaflets featuring a presentation of the numismatic issue in Romanian, English and French.

Each leaflet comes with a certificate of authenticity bearing the signatures of the Governor and the Chief Cashier of the National Bank of Romania.

The mintage of this numismatic issue is 500.

The selling price per silver coin, the leaflet included, is lei 360.00 excluding VAT.

The silver coins in the numismatic issue for the anniversary of 100 years since George Emil Palade’s birth are legal tender on the territory of Romania.

The collector silver coins will be put into circulation through the branches of the National Bank of Romania in Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Iaşi and Timişoara.
The press release is available on the BNR website at: http://www.bnr.ro/page.aspx?prid=7217


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