7,5 Euro 2019 "Magellan - #1 Die Abfahrt"

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7,5 Euro 2019 "Magellan - #1 Die Abfahrt"

Beitrag von Kai » 6. April 2019 09:52

INCM hat geschrieben:The official issue date it will be APRIL 17

Due to the importance of this theme in Portugal and worldwide the Mint decided besides the 2 euro coin to start a 4 coins program, a coin each year during the four years of the voyage a milestone of the most important steps of the expedition:

1519 - The Departure

1520 – The Magallen Passage

1521 – The Dead of Magellan

1522 - The Arrival with Delcano

This first coin of the series represents the departure of the flotilla.

All the coins of the series are created by Luis Filipe Abreu a prominent Portuguese author with an important work on the bank notes.
Du hast keine ausreichende Berechtigung, um die Dateianhänge dieses Beitrags anzusehen.


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